Hands Free™ Technologies


Veolia is an industry leader in providing innovative products that greatly enhance operator safety and productivity. Our portfolio of Hands Free™ technologies is developed by Veolia’s experienced, in-house Methods and Development team. Each new piece of equipment undergoes rigorous testing and refinement before it is put into production and used in the field. Our employees are extensively trained on the proper operation of our automated equipment and take personal ownership in ensuring site safety and productivity.


Our Hands Free™ technologies improve employee safety by allowing workers to remotely operate equipment outside of barricaded areas and away from the hazardous line of fire. The amount of PPE that workers are required to wear when using Hands Free™ technologies is significantly reduced over conventional, manual methods, minimizing the potential for heat stress. Additionally, our innovative technology minimizes or eliminates hazardous material exposure and worker fatigue, further protecting worker health and reducing operational costs.


Veolia’s robotic technologies surpass traditional cleaning methods by substantially increasing the cleaning power and accuracy available to complete industrial cleaning objectives. Manual methods of cleaning rely on the physical strength of workers, significantly limiting the scale of horsepower and cleaning ability, along with subjecting workers to unnecessary heat stress and fatigue. Our Hands Free™ technologies keep employees safely shielded from work site hazards, while enabling them to precisely control up to 500 horsepower to accomplish the most difficult cleaning projects. Veolia’s specialized tools accomplish more with less, reducing the manpower and hours needed to produce results. Greater power matched with greater precision allows us to work smarter, faster, and safer, getting your operation back online sooner with minimal disruptions or delays.


Boiler Tube Cleaner
Veolia's Hands Free™ Boiler Tube Cleaner system cleans radial tubes found in mud drums of package boilers typically found in chemical and petroleum refining plants. The tool fits through a standard mud drum manway and remotely cleans boiler tubes without the need for an operator to enter the vessel. Our custom pnematic technology delivers up to 50 lbs (23 kg) of push to clear plugged tubes and travel long distances through multiple bends.

The Hands Free™ Boiler Tube Cleaner has a precise, controlled hose feed that allows cleaning through multiple tube bends while protecting the hose from damage. The tool utilizes a specialized hose containment drum to safely manage and protect the high pressure hose during operations. Veolia's Hands Free™ Boiler Tube Cleaner system comes with a water/impact resistant camera system to help simplify tube indexing by providing  the operator with an unobstructed view inside the package boiler mud drum during operations. The lightweight modular design of the unit allows a single operator to move, set-up and run the unit with minimal set up time. 
Boiler Tube Cleaner
The Sidewinder™
Veolia’s proprietary Sidewinder™ remote-operated automated shotgun is designed for Hands Free™ hydroblasting. The Sidewinder™ uses a multi-directional, high-pressure water cleaning nozzle. It has a maximum allowable working pressure of up to 40,000 PSI with variable GPM flow rates. With a total reach of 9.5 feet, the Sidewinder™ can clean from 84 inches high down to 18 inches below grade. The Sidewinder’s small footprint, portability, and maneuverability allow components to be cleaned inside a process unit or at an isolated decontamination area, such as a hydroblast pad. 

Cobra™ and Mini Cobra™
The Cobra™ provides operators with excellent visibility from a fully enclosed and air conditioned cab while protecting them from the line of fire during high pressure hydroblasting. The Cobra™ is capable of handling over 500 horsepower to remove the toughest industrial deposits and fouling. The Cobra's™ hydraulic arm has excellent flexibility and reach, and utilitizes a precise rotating head. This device reduces the need for scaffolding, resulting in time and cost savings.  

The Mini-Cobra™ is a diesel-powered, rubber track-driven hydroblast robot that is perfect for accessing tight work areas. The operator controls the Mini-Cobra’s™ five axis mechanical arm, high-pressure water flow, and vehicle motion from a portable remote control station. It can also be fitted with attachments to perform tasks other than hydroblasting, such as abrasive blasting, hydro-excavating and industrial vacuuming.

The Viper™ system gives Veolia the ability to flex lance customers' process equipment in a completely hands-free manner. The Viper™ attaches to an anti-withdrawal device that securely attaches the flange to the face of the exchanger unit and prevents it from withdrawing during the cleaning process. When activated, The Viper™ operator remotely fires a high-powered stream of water through a flex hose to cleans the entire length of each tube in the exchanger, removing deposits and other buildup from the tube walls.

Rotating Hose Device
The Rotating Hose Device (RHD) is a portable unit used in conjunction with a high volume pump to clean lines and piping. The system is made up of a portable hydraulic power pack, a rotary union drive and the rotary hose drive. The RHD unit allows the hose to be rotated, as opposed to depending on rotating nozzles. The feed rate and rotation can be controlled for more consistent cleaning, and due to its size, the RHD has the ability to maneuver around several 90-degree bends.
Rotating Host Device
Boiler Bot
Power plants require access to the safest, most innovative resources to stay online and operating at peak levels. The Boiler Bot℠, Veolia’s track-mounted, compact high pressure water cleaning technology, makes the interior cleaning of your boiler's back passes and economizers safer and highly efficient, saving you time and money. 

The Cyclops
One of the most comprehensive tools our online boiler cleaning services provides is The Cyclops™. The Cyclops™ is a high temperature camera that accurately inspects the inside of your boiler and other areas of your plant while they are online. The Cyclops™ is inserted into various observation openings, and serves as your “eyes” inside, helping to precisely determine what type of maintenance and the intensity of cleaning is required. Camera images of the inside of your boiler are transmitted back to a highly advanced monitor that can be viewed by our team and yours. 




Veolia North America saved a major petrochemical customer in Port Arthur, Texas over $1.2 million in time and labor during a five-year turnaround last year using Hands Free™ technologies.  Learn more about this project and how we might be able to help you shave weeks off your turnaround schedule.