Touch Free Technologies


Veolia is an industry leader in providing innovative products that greatly enhance operator safety and productivity. Our portfolio of Touch Free technologies is developed by Veolia’s experienced, in-house development team. Each new piece of equipment undergoes rigorous testing and refinement before it is put into production and used in the field. Our employees are extensively trained on the proper operation of our automated equipment and take personal ownership in ensuring site safety and productivity.


Our Touch Free technologies improve employee safety by allowing workers to remotely operate equipment outside of barricaded areas and away from the hazardous line of fire. The amount of PPE that workers are required to wear when using Touch Free technologies is significantly reduced over conventional, manual methods, minimizing the potential for heat stress. Additionally, our innovative technology minimizes or eliminates hazardous material exposure and worker fatigue, further protecting worker health and reducing operational costs.


Veolia’s robotic technologies surpass traditional cleaning methods by substantially increasing the cleaning power and accuracy available to complete industrial cleaning objectives. Manual methods of cleaning rely on the physical strength of workers, significantly limiting the scale of horsepower and cleaning ability, along with subjecting workers to unnecessary heat stress and fatigue. Our Touch Free technologies keep employees safely shielded from work site hazards, while enabling them to precisely control up to 500 horsepower to accomplish the most difficult cleaning projects. Veolia’s specialized tools accomplish more with less, reducing the manpower and hours needed to produce results. Greater power matched with greater precision allows us to work smarter, faster, and safer, getting your operation back online sooner with minimal disruptions or delays.