Veolia Offers Tailored Solutions to Consortium: Massachusetts Biotechnology Council

MA Biotech Large

Veolia has recently opened a new service branch in Charlestown, Massachusetts to better serve our customers.  The new 15,000 sq ft facility is managed by Derek Nelhuebel and offers three service lines – on-site programs, light industrial programs and traditional lab pack/drum management programs.

The three programs support the local biotechnology markets including the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, a key partner for Veolia for the past 17 years. The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council is an association of more than 650 biotechnology companies, universities and academic institutions completing cutting edge research. 

Derek Nelheubel


“We’re willing to take a consultative approach to

understand what they need and what services would

best solve their waste challenges.”



Veolia offers each MassBio member customized solutions for their environmental service needs.  “Not all companies in Mass Bio produce waste, some are law firms, marketing firms, and IT companies,” explains Nelhuebel. “The majority of the other companies work in biotech and pharmaceuticals. Each company’s waste is managed with an individualized agreement. They all have unique needs when it comes to waste disposal, ranging from small containers to large quantities.
“MassBio gathers bids from different providers that are then presented to a board for review. The large waste volume of the consortium allows Mass Bio to offer the best possible pricing to their members. If a company was only shipping one container with us, the rates would be higher.”


While the MassBio model is unique for the Northeast District, Veolia offers the opportunity to establish similar programs with other key customers.  “If there were a trade organization or multi-location company that wanted to start working with Veolia, we would visit the different companies who were involved in waste generation and learn about their waste streams,” says Nelhuebel. “We’re willing to take a consultative approach to understand what they need and what services would best solve their waste challenges.” We’d look at their operations and try to roll out a program that includes a pricing model, based on the amount of potential business from the consortium.“


“One of the reasons the relationship with Mass Bio is so valuable is Veolia’s proximity to these customers. Our office for Boston and Cambridge is right in the middle of the action. With so many offices across the country, Veolia is able to offer the same advantages to groups in other geographical areas.

“We’re a really technically focused group, which is very important, because a lot of people in the consortium are environmental health and safety managers who know almost as much as we do about proper waste management. We have to speak the same language, and we take a real technical approach with the customers.

“Our ability to service customers who range from small to very large differentiates us from other providers. We have three full time crews that service the area. We handle the volume very well, and it’s all managed within Veolia facilities.

“Veolia also offers a whole portfolio of services outside of waste disposal, including tank cleaning, decontamination, laboratory moves, and chemical inventories. For on-site services, we place our own Veolia employees, either part or full time, to help manage our customers’ environmental programs and to keep them in compliance with state and federal regulations.

“We also offer sustainability initiatives and green recycling programs. In addition, we’ll do training for the larger clients at their site or we hold open enrollment training in the city where many different companies attend the classes. If emergency response is needed, we’re minutes away to respond. We really customize our approach to the customer’s needs and try to help them solve the problems that they’re facing.”