Responding to Hurricane Sandy

Emergency Response and Environmental Clean-Up

Hurricane sandy

Hurricane Sandy, the largest and second costliest Atlantic hurricane on record, caused an estimated $62 billion of damage in the U.S. alone. Beyond the financial impact, Superstorm Sandy crippled thousands of businesses and individuals with major flooding, electrical outages and damaging winds.

Veolia’s own operations and employees on the East Coast safely rode through the storm, but were quick to get back to work as soon as conditions allowed. Despite the fact that many of our employees were without electricity and dealing with major flooding and damage at home, more than 80% of our staff in New Jersey and New York were back to work within a day and a half of the storm’s passing.


The men and women in Veolia’s East Coast operations displayed tremendous courage and commitment to our customers in the aftermath of Sandy. Our facilities in New Jersey were running on generators and working conditions were extreme, but it didn’t stop staff from responding to over 900 calls from customers who needed environmental emergency response to manage the storm’s damage, while working to get our own facilities back online.


Veolia’s team in Flanders, New Jersey, was called to handle an emergency response and contaminated water project for a major university customer in the area. The team’s initial assessment of the damage at the university’s medical center included speculation that 10,000 research mice were drowned as a result of the flooding.
On the tenth day of the response, the team heard scratching noises in the basement near the mice storage area. Our project manager immediately reached out to his university contacts to advise them that some of the mice were likely alive. The news brought tears of joy to the researchers. Within the hour, Veolia assembled a team to work with researchers to rescue 3,000 mice and salvage many years of medical research.
Veolia responded to hundreds of service calls from customers in the days immediately following Sandy.


Veolia’s emergency response service offering following Sandy included:
  • Situation assessment by our experienced and highly-trained staff
  • Overall project management for mobilizing people and equipment to manage the clean-up work, in partnership with our customers and other agencies
  • The safe operation of heavy equipment to perform earthwork and environmental remediation
  • Hazardous waste treatment and disposal services
  • Safe packaging and proper disposal of damaged product as a result of flooding or building damage
  • Vacuum, hydro-blasting and water wash services
  • Quality control to ensure people remain safe and environmental compliance is strictly followed