Proclamation Recognizing Veolia's Successful Operator in Training Program

Richmond City Council recognizes Veolia for implementing its Operator in Training program and its role in education and vocational training in Richmond.

WHEREAS, for twelve years Veolia Water has managed, operated, and maintained Richmond's wastewater treatment facility and sanitary sewer collection system. Facing a number of complex challenges, Veolia has worked to bring its experience and expertise to raising Richmond's wastewater treatment services to a higher level, and,
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WHEREAS, Veolia Water established the Operator in Training and Richmond resident employment program in March 2012, aiming to forge a strong connection between Veolia's operations and the city of Richmond by affording opportunities for residents to build the abilities necessary to pursue careers in the wastewater industry, and,

WHEREAS, 2 full-time, benefitted trainee positions provide job preparedness opportunities for Richmond residents. A total of 8 Richmond residents are employed with Veolia, 4 having been involved in the Operator in Training program, and,

WHEREAS, trainees in the program continue to succeed; one such trainee, Frank Ortega, is a utility worker and has been with the project since May 2014. Another is Evelyn Christian, who recently graduated from the trainee program as a certified Grade I Wastewater Management Plant Operator, having completed 1800 hours as a plant operator trainee, and

WHEREAS, Veolia Water and the Operator Training Program partners with Contra Costa College and RichmondWorks, which helps recruit, screen, and interview potential trainees. Veolia also coordinates with California State University, Sacramento's Office of Water Programs to provide training through distance learning courses directed at wastewater treatment operations, and,

WHEREAS, Veolia’s long-time support of local efforts continues to engage the Richmond community; Veolia supports the Richmond Police Activities League (RPAL), West County YMCA, and Richmond's Watershed Project among other organizations and programs, and,

WHEREAS, Veolia Water also sponsors the Bay Area Consortium of Water and Wastewater Educators (BACWWE) which creates educational opportunities for people in water and wastewater industries. Like the Operator in Training program, these opportunities lead to superior skills and increased job performance.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that we, Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and Councilmember Courtland “Corky” Boozé on behalf of the Richmond City Council, do hereby recognize Veolia Water for implementing the Operator in Training program and for its role in education and vocational training in Richmond.

Dated: November 25, 2014 

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