Our Commitment to the Environment


Every day, the men and women of Veolia are hard at work around the globe, developing innovative solutions to protect and improve the environment. Our activities are guided by a simple commitment – to turn waste into a resource.

We believe that our planet needs care, be it through preserving ecosystems, reducing the impacts of climate change, protecting natural resources, or minimizing the amount of raw materials required to support our daily lives. In line with this belief, Veolia has developed its Planet Care 2015 Environmental Objectives, and is making promises to improve our own environmental performance on a global scale in five primary areas:

  • Preventing Pollution
  • Conserving Natural Resources
  • Preserving Biodiversity
  • Combating Climate Change
  • Reinforcing Environmental Awareness


Each of these five commitment areas are supported by specific goals, and our progress towards meeting these goals will be tracked and reported on an annual basis, using our existing environmental management system.

Download the Planet Care Brochure
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Veolia helps organizations around the world improve their own sustainability performance, and our customers turn to us for expert guidance and creative solutions for their most pressing environmental challenges. By establishing these 2015 objectives, we are aligning our global operations around common goals, holding ourselves accountable for our own performance and setting the standard for environmental excellence in our industry.

A more comprehensive overview of our Planet Care 2015 Environmental Objectives and supporting goals is available on Veolia’s global website or is available for download in our Planet Care brochure.

For each of the five themes identified in Veolia's 2015 Environmental Objectives is supported by specific goals and monitoring indicators that allow us to evaluate our performance throughout the world and identify and share best practices in a continuous improvement approach.

Preventing Pollution

  • Assessing the environmental risks of 95% of the sites and implementing prevention actions.
  • Reaching 95% of sites ISO 14001 certified or covered by an environmental management system (EMS).
Conserving Natural Resources
  • Increasing the production of renewable energy from waste by 10% compared with 2011.
  • Implementing water consumption reduction plans on 80% of the sites.
  • Achieving a global material recovery rate of 30%.
  • Implementing energy efficiency plans on 80% of the sites.
Protecting Biodiversity
  • Carrying out an evaluation and implementing action plan on 95% of the sites with significant potential stakes and opportunities on biodiversity.
  • Including an evaluation of the impact on biodiversity in 100% of the development projects.
  • Establishing preservation plans in our 6 main countries of operation.
Combating Climate Change
  • Achieving a 70% global methane capture rate.
  • Calculating the carbon footprint of 95% of our business units and implementing emission reduction plans.
Reinforcing Environmental Awareness
  • Providing environmental training to 90% of our employees.
  • Increasing the proportion of our supplier contracts which integrate environmental requirements.
  • Training our sales teams in the company’s environmental themes and raise our customers’ awareness.

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