Industrial Waste - or Industrial Value?

Recycling expensive chemicals as ingredients to make products saves money. It also has a positive effect on an environmental footprint and can reduce your liability.

Industrial Waste_Industrial Value

Potassium hydroxide (KOH) is a chemical often used to neutralize hydrofluoric acid in the refinery alkylation process. The neutralization process produces potassium fluoride (KF or spent KOH), which is not further utilized in the refining operations. If this material is discarded by the refinery, it must be handled as a hazardous waste.

Discarding the material, however, is not the only option available to the refinery. Veolia Environnement offers reliable and robust services to clients seeking environmentally-attractive alternatives. 

Since 2001, Veolia Water has operated off-refinery site merchant facilities that utilize KF as a feedstock to produce KOH.
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"We use the spent KOH as feedstock to manufacture new product, which our clients can then utilize in the HF Alkylation unit in their refinery," says Steve Hopper, executive vice president, Veolia Water Americas Industrial Group. "This process helps eliminate the need to use virgin natural resources to produce KOH, and provides our clients a legitimate and sustainable alternative to discarding the KF. All combined, our process not only helps save our clients money, but it also helps the environment."

Through a competitive pricing structure, the company has been able to offer a strong value proposition against competitive alternatives. Veolia processes the feedstock through a proprietary crystallization technology and manufactures KOH. This process returns a guaranteed 90% plus of the KOH to the client.

This proven technology and process handles spent KOH from across the country. "Our processing capabilities were especially invaluable during Hurricane Katrina," notes Hopper. "We were able to handle spent KOH from our clients in Gulf Coast states in addition to our national clients, helping customers avoid force majeure declarations and interruptions to their production."

Veolia's facilities maintain a daily merchant capacity of up to 150,000 gallons. A dedicated staff is responsible for facility management, operations, maintenance, chemicals and transportation logistics.

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