Global Steelmaker Seeks Sustainability

When global steelmaker ThyssenKrupp sought advanced water and wastewater treatment for its new, state-of-the-art advanced carbon steel and stainless steel processing facilities, it turned to Veolia.

ThyssenKrupp's investment in this complex allowed the company to expand its 200-year-old metallurgical expertise, technical support and successful business model. The stainless steel plant is designed to an initial operating capacity of 1 million metric tons of products annually and the carbon steel facility has an annual manufacturing design capacity of 4.3 million metric tons of products.
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One of the many highlights of the complex is its advanced water and wastewater treatment. Due to the significant quantities of water required and ThyssenKrupp's emphasis on sustainability and resource recycling, high quality process water and stringent wastewater treatment were critical in system design.

The treatment systems were designed and built by Veolia, which also operates the systems under a long-term operations contract.

There were a number of advantages in utilizing the design-build-operate (DBO) procurement method for the production complex's water and wastewater systems.

Early contractor involvement, for example, enabled construction engineering considerations to be incorporated into the design phase. It also allowed for fast-tracking of the design and construction portions of the project.

Another advantage is the guarantee: By transferring the responsibility for optimal operation of water and wastewater treatment to Veolia under a fixed fee arrangement, the operator's performance guarantee is thus structured as a long-term warranty.

Veolia completed the design-build project with value-added engineering, on schedule and under the budget originally projected. Through its design, patented and proprietary technologies enable the treatment processes to produce high-quality water within a very small footprint as compared to conventional systems.

The steel industry overall is a significant water user. At its new Alabama complex, ThyssenKrupp is demonstrating its commitment to water resource recycling and sustainability while utilizing the latest technologies to safeguard the environment and provide sufficient water supply and flexibility for future growth.

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