Expanded West Carrollton Solvent Recovery Facility Opens

Safety, Sustainability and Technology Driven 

Veolia has redesigned and rebuilt its solvent processing facility in West Carrollton, Ohio, adding new safety systems, expanded capabilities and enhanced sustainability practices. The facility, which celebrated its grand re-opening on June 20, 2012, serves the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and resin manufacturing industries across the Ohio Valley and beyond. 

Our rebuilt West Carrollton facility boasts expanded processing capabilities that include fuel blending, solvent recovery, and non-hazardous waste consolidation for most technologies. The plant also processes household hazardous waste and lab pack waste. In total, the faciilty repurposes and reclaims over 8 million gallons of oil, paint, solvent and other hazardous materials annually, and converts them back into reusable materials.

In the area of solvent processing, the West Carrollton facility has tolling, beneficial reuse and reclamation capabilities, offering waste generators a full suite of advanced recovery options for their spent solvents. Many solvents, including NMP, PGMEA, THF and methlynchloride, can be reclaimed to 99.5% purity - minimizing solvent waste and maximizing reuse opportunities.
  • Tolling: Cleans your solvent to predetermined specifications and returns it to your business for reuse, helping you reduce costs.
  • Beneficial reuse: Converts used solvents into products for re-use in manufacturing commerical products, helping you minimize overall waste volumes
  • Reclamation: Solvents are cleaned to given specifications and sold to third parties who use it as a replacement for virgin solvent
In addition to West Carrollton, Veolia operates three other solvent recovery plants across the United States. Further information on our solvent recovery offering is available here.


State-of-the-Art Technology
All the equipment at West Carrollton, including processing and transfer equipment, pumps and water systems, reflects cutting-edge technologies and strictly adheres to all building and safety standards.

Safety Driven
Our West Carrollton team is obsessed with safety, and undergoes extensive training throughout the year to ensure the safety of our operations. Every component of this facility, from the overall design and layout of the processing and storage areas, to the equipment used, materials selected and contingency plans developed, was done to protect the safety of the people who work and live in West Carrollton.

Environmental Protection
Turning waste into a resource is at the heart of what we do, and the West Carrollton facility sets the gold standard for sustainability performance.  Not only does the work performed here take spent hazardous waste materials and safely reclaim them into usable products, but by installing the best-available technology, the plant recovers its emissions at 98%.

Customer Focused 
"Service First, Safety Always," is Veolia's promise to its customers, which the team in West Carrollton proudly delivers. The facility's operators have over 85 years of combined expierence that is put to the test every day for our customers, and we are proud to serve the needs of hundreds of businesses across Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Western Pennsylvania.