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The city of Rialto and Rialto Water Services (RWS) are using a public-private concession model—one rarely seen in the United States—to strengthen the city's financial position and improve infrastructure services.

As part of this concession, RWS hired Veolia North America to manage the city's water and wastewater systems. 

The financing mode is highly original, as the city of Rialto received funding for future water and wastewater system improvements through a concession contract signed with RWS, a special purpose company established by Table Rock Capital and a Ullico affiliate.

In a context where many municipalities are facing financial difficulties, this cash injection allows Rialto to:

  • Upgrade its water and wastewater systems and services
  • Create jobs
  • ​Benefit from the expertise of the world's leading water services and technology company
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RWS will oversee the infrastructure upgrade program, which aims to improve the efficiency, level of compliance, water quality and reliability of Rialto's water and wastewater systems. The program will create 445 jobs in the construction sector. In addition, all affected municipal employees have accepted positions offered by Veolia.

The public-private partnership offers an example for other US cities. The partnership's "blue growth" strategy of sustainable water management and support for economic and social development can be emulated in cities faced with the problems of aging infrastructure, a slow-moving economy and reduced revenues.

​“ The RWS partnership ensures that the city's water and wastewater infrastructure is upgraded and run in the most cost-efficient manner, while also laying the groundwork for new economic development. ”- Mike Story, Rialto City Administrator

Employees from Rialto Water Services and Veolia talk about improvements to the city's customer service program following Rialto's use of the public-private concession model. The entire customer service team consists of former city employees.


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