Wastewater operation improvements reduce odors and save millions in Poughkeepsie, New York

Although wastewater treatment goes largely unnoticed in most cities and towns, if unpleasant odors become a problem, it can impact a community’s economic and social well-being.  Bordered by the Hudson River in New York, the City of Poughkeepsie was faced with such a dilemma over 40 years ago. 

Responsible for treating wastewater for over 30,000 people, the city had maintenance and process control challenges in the 1970s, resulting in severe odor issues.  Now one of the oldest public-private partnerships in North America, Veolia was engaged in 1980 to manage the community’s wastewater system and facilities – a move that has resulted in reduced odor complaints by 85 percent and garnered millions in savings from operational efficiencies and the introduction of new technology and innovative programs that have generated revenue for the city.

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