Veolia Begins New Operations Partnership with Mendham Township, New Jersey

Under a long-term contract, Veolia is operating the Township’s two wastewater treatment plants 

Located in northern New Jersey, the Township of Mendham relies on efficient wastewater treatment services for two environmentally sensitive areas within the Township that serve a population of nearly 500 people.  Under a new 5-year operations and maintenance contract, Veolia has taken over operations of the Township’s 20,000 gallons-per-day East Wastewater Treatment Plant, the 25,000 gallons-per-day West Wastewater Treatment Plant and two pumping stations.  

“Veolia is excited to kick-off this partnership with Mendham Township,” said VP of Operations Tim Shea for Veolia North America's Municipal and Commercial Business.  “With access to a global pool of utility expertise and local operations talent, we’re ready to hit the ground running and continue providing cost-effective, safe and environmentally-compliant treatment services to the community.”