The Value of Water

Public and private groups from drinking and wastewater sectors join forces to drive public awareness of water as an invaluable resource.

Value of water
The Value of Water Coalition, a group comprising leading organizations responsible for ensuring the safety, reliability and sustainability of our nation's water, has launched a new campaign to inform Americans about the value of water and the challenges facing our water infrastructure. 

Delivering clean drinking water and having the reliable treatment of wastewater are essential for every aspect of our daily lives, homes, workplaces and schools. A reliable system that ensures clean water and wastewater treatment makes our way of life possible. 

Communities across the U.S. are relying on an aging water infrastructure in need of repair or replacement
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  • Estimated that there is one water main break every two minutes in the United States.
  • ​The nation must invest $1.3 trillion in repairs and upgrades over the next 25 years.

Yet the majority of adults incorrectly believe our water infrastructure is in good condition.

This coalition is the first of its kind that brings together water businesses and nonprofit associations acting as a single voice. The organization unites public and private interests to address the current state of water infrastructure and the need for significant investment to keep system performance at the levels of quality and safety Americans have come to expect.

 Every individual, family and business across the United States depends on safe and reliable water service. The current condition of our nation's water infrastructure puts that service in jeopardy and inaction only allows it to worsen. Americans must understand that these are very real challenges, but they can and must be met. ”- Michael Dean, Executive Director, National Association of Water Companies

The new and evolving Coalition represents city water utilities, non-profit water associations and water services and technology companies. They each work daily to ensure our homes and workplaces are supplied with clean and safe water for drinking and other uses, and that after its use, this same water is cleaned and made safe again before being discharged into the environment.

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