Recovering Value Through Oily Residuals Management

Steve Hopper, President and COO of Veolia North America's Industrial Business, published an editorial in the May 2015 issue of BIC Magazine on the benefits of long-term residual management solutions that return value to refinery operations, mitigate disposal costs and reduce waste generation.


An Excerpt from the Article

Steve Hopper Small

In the article, Hopper writes, "The ability to recycle byproducts as feedstocks, rather than discard them as wastes, helps optimize refining efficiency and presents the potential for substantial environmental and economic benefits. Robust recycling solutions, particularly in the face of diversified crude slates, can help refineries keep pace with shifting production and refining requirements associated with the unconventional energy boom in North America. 

While most refinery process designs offer significant latitude in the handling of crude, they can be negatively impacted by the production of oil-bearing secondary materials. In particular, oil-water-solid emulsions that are difficult to separate can create issues in the biological wastewater treatment unit and negatively affect refinery production. The result is typically higher chemical, operation and maintenance costs. Moreover, the costs associated with discarding such streams may be significant, not only because such streams are hazardous waste when discarded, but also because they represent lost production value that must be subsequently replaced by additional virgin feedstocks. 

Every refinery generates oil-bearing residuals as part of normal operations.  Regardless of source or composition, operators must generally take one of two actions: process them into the refining process, or dispose of them as costly hazardous wastes, imposing long-term risks and responsibilities on the refinery. Sustainable solutions that maximize resource recovery within a refinery’s ongoing production processes, while minimizing cost and environmental impact, have become a key value proposition for refinery industry leaders."

Veolia's Residual Management Solutions

Veolia North America is the industry leader in providing long-term oily residual processing solutions that recover and return maximum value back to refining operation. Our porfolio of processing solutions includes a three-phase centrifuge for optimal separation of oil, water and solids, with further processing capabilities for:

  • Coker injection (quench and feed side options)
  • Reuse as waste-derived fuel
  • Thermal desorption to achieve waste delisting