Helping Hands

During the wettest July on record, historic levels of rain fell in Milwaukee, resulting in massive flooding throughout the area. Enter Veolia Milwaukee’s volunteer Helping Hands Flood Relief Crews.

Helping Hands
  • Eight crews were mobilized within 24 hours of the City of Milwaukee’s call for volunteers
  • Eldery and disabled homeowners unable to remove water-soaked property from their basements were provided with assistance
  • Helping Hands Flood Relief crews worked in collaboration with Homeland Security’s disaster relief effort
  • The potential for mold growth increased the urgency for removing debris from flooded basements
  • Over the course of three days, Helping Hands crews cleaned out over 50 basements, removing ruined appliances, furniture and bags filled with molding toys and clothing.
  • Veolia Water Milwaukee helped flood victims  take the first steps toward rebuilding their lives in the wake of massive property damage. 
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