City of Wilsonville’s Public Drinking Water Honored for Second Time

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) considered Wilsonville’s public water supply an Outstanding Performer in 2011. They’ve awarded the city the same title this year.

Wilsonville, Oregon Public Water

The honor came out of an onsite appraisal in November, which included water carried by the Williamette River Water Treatment Plant, co-managed by Veolia North America. Source water, treatment, storage, distribution, monitoring and operation and maintenance were all taken into account.

“OHA’s thorough and independent review confirms that Wilsonville’s water system is being operated and maintained to the highest standards,” said Public Works Director, Delora Kerber.

This recognition allows Wilsonville to limit its inspection frequency to every five years, rather than three. In addition to the above criteria, the survey also verifies the following:
  • No Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL), Action Level or Treatment Technique violations in the last five years;
  • No more than one monitoring and reporting violation in the last three years. The one violation must be resolved with results submitted;
  • No significant deficiencies or rule violations found in the current inspection; and
  • No waterborne disease outbreaks resulting from the water system in the last five years.
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