4 Baby Peregrine Falcons Hatch in Nest at the Top of Milwaukee’s Water Reclamation Plant

In 2011, Veolia helped the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) install a peregrine falcon nest on top of the Jones Island water reclamation facility. Its current inhabitants recently gave birth to four baby peregrines.

Peregrine Falcon Chicks
All four chicks, which just turned a month old, were fitted with ID bands to denote the location where they were hatched. They’ll be used to help track migration patterns and other important information as part of the Peregrine Falcon recovery program.

“This program is successfully helping to rebuild the numbers of what had become a rapidly dwindling population of birds,” said Joyce Harms, Community Relations Manager for Veolia Water Milwaukee.

The Jones Island facility protects the state’s wildlife right along with its clean water, but it’s not every day they’re given visual evidence of their efforts. See their TV appearance on Channel 12 Milwaukee and watch them live on the Peregrine FalconCam