Trigen launches commercial operations at Thomas Jefferson University on an accelerated schedule of only 18 months

05/14/07  • Energy

BOSTON, May 14, 2007- In November 2005, Trigen announced plans to build, own and operate the 7,000 ton chilled water facility and to serve a portion of the Jefferson campus in Philadelphia through 30-year chilled water and steam purchase agreements. With the plant construction finished, commercial operations of chilled water service began on April 30th. The chilled water is produced at Trigen’s Edison Station and is distributed to Jefferson’s campus via a new underground distribution system. The chilled water service will cool six buildings with a combined square footage in excess of 1.7 million square feet.

Thomas Jefferson University is composed of three schools -- Jefferson Medical College, the Jefferson College of Graduate Studies and the Jefferson College of Health Professions. The three colleges enroll more than 2,400 future physicians, scientists and health-care professionals. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, part of the academic health center complex, admits more than 40,000 patients a year for advanced treatment and care. 

Kevin Brown, Vice President and General Manager of Trigen-Philadelphia Energy Company, said, "This has been a very successful project. To meet Jefferson's critical cooling needs, we have delivered a highly efficient and reliable chilled water plant under an aggressive timeline. We thank the University once again for partnering with us on a project of such importance, and I commend the Trigen staff, William J. Trefz Consulting Engineers, and our construction manager, the L.F. Driscoll Company, for their combined efforts."   

About Trigen
Trigen is a leader in combined heat and power generation, serving 1,100 customers in 11 cities from 22 central plants. Trigen is an environmentally-friendly company, offering programs that help its customers reduce their carbon footprint through increased efficiency. Trigen's Community Energy Systems generate steam, hot water, chilled water and electricity at central utility plants, and transmit these energy products to buildings served by a pipe distribution system. The Trigen Companies are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Thermal North America, Inc., a privately held company. 

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