Sustainable Business and the Circular Economy

Bill DiCroce, president and CEO of Veolia North America, spoke to Bloomberg Radio’s Taking Stock program in advance of the 2nd annual Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit in New York City.

Bill on Bloomberg
During the summit, innovative thinkers, practitioners and executives are sharing ideas and successes, and addressing how businesses are embedding sustainability initiatives that are both good for business and good for society.

On Bloomberg Radio, Bill shared key examples of how Veolia is helping business, industry and communities change their thinking about precious natural resources.

Listen to the full interview here. (NOTE: Bill’s interview begins 1:53 into the clip)

“Fundamental to that premise (sustainability) is the circular economy, where we take people and businesses from a mentality of buy, use, throw away, to buy, use, reuse, repurpose.” Bill DiCroce, President & CEO, Veolia North America