New digital solutions help bring cities into the future

Three new digital offerings will connect elected officials, citizens and the public utilities they depend on. The offerings are intended to help local authorities with their decision-making and make city-dwellers day-to-day lives easier.

Urban Board- for elected officials
Urban Board compiles technical data with an analysis of posts and comments on social media in order to identify citizens’ perceptions of urban services and living in the city. Easy access to this data enables easier decision making for city officials. 

Urban Pulse- for citizens
Urban Pulse combines comprehensive information about the city, including environmental indicators, to help citizens choose activities and the services they use every day.  With Urban Pulse, residents can contribute to  the overall quality of life in their city. 

Urban Hypervision- for utility managers
This app provides smart and predictive management of services using a hypervisor system that amasses information in real time, sensors, warning systems, smart operational forecasting and work orders. Operations become more efficient, less costly and more transparent for managers of urban services.

Learn more about these digital offers here.