Hydro-Quebec partners with Pomerleau, Veolia and Ehvert to develop state-of-the-art data center

Under a 20-year lease and operation agreement, consortium partners Pomerleau, Veolia and Ehvert, will design, construct and operate a new data center for Hydro-Québec, one of the world's largest hydroelectric producers. With an advanced design leveraging free cooling technology, the facility is expected to achieve an industry-leading power usage efficiency rating.

 A leader in renewable energy, Hydro-Quebec produces of 99 percent of its electricity from water- a source of clean, renewable and reliable energy.  By implementing a state-of-the-art cooling system that uses outside air, the data center is projected to achieve an industry-leading power usage (PUE) rating of 1.3 or lower- a measure of exceptional data center energy efficiency.

“As the world's largest hydroelectric producer, Hydro-Québec is committed to sustainability and protecting the data of its over four million customer accounts,” said Philippe Blain, vice president, East Canada for Veolia North America's Municipal and Commercial Business.  “We’re proud to be in a consortium with reputed partners to operate Hydro-Québec’s state-of-the-art data center – built for the highest standards of security, reliability and redundancy.”

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