Manage and Grow Your Sustainability Program


Sustainability is about building foundations for future success, and requires us to understand trends that will impact our businesses and customers.  Having tools to assist with this enviromental management intitiative is crucial to its success.   Companies can create value by reducing their own carbon footprints and helping customers reduce theirs.

Global Environmental Management Inititiative (GEMI) is an organization dedicated to providing the tools for collaboration for sustainable business solutions. Managing risk is vital to protecting value, as environmental threats will increasingly result in volatile commodity prices, stranded assets, license restrictions, and reputational harm.

The Quick Guide from GEMI is organized around five action steps for a company to consider as its execuitives grasp what sustainability can mean for them:
  1. Listen, Learn.
  2. Do a 2020 reality check.
  3. Study innovation across industries.
  4. Explore how your company can win.
  5. Chart your sustainability course.

Learn more by downloading the "GEMI Quick Guide:  Sustainability 101" below.


GEMI Quick Guide
PDF - 1.08 MB

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