Main Steam Reheater Case Study

Alaron - Main Steam Reheater Image

Veolia worked with Entergy Corporation to provide cost effective disposal options for four radioactive main steam reheaters (MSRs).


Manage the transportation and disposition of four MSRs weighing approximately 129,000 lbs each.


Providing a turn-key solution simplifying oversize transportation and waste disposition in a cost effective manner.

Main Steam Reheater Case Study
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Veolia provided packaging and transportation of the four MSRs from Entergy Corporation’s generating station in South Haven, MI to Veolia’s Alaron facility in Wampum, PA.  The MSRs were then stored at the Alaron facility awaiting processing.  Veolia’s management of the MSRs included aggresive decontamination using media blasting followed by volume reduction via plasma torch to cut and resize the metal.  The MSRs were then released and managed as steel scrap to reclaim the value of the metal.


Our customer saved $870,000 by sending the material for recycling versus the traditional low-level radioactive waste landfill option.  A big win-win for the customer and the environment.