Wampum, PA

2138 State Route 18

Wampum, PA 16157

United States

About this location:

Veolia North America’s Alaron Nuclear Services facility is a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Licensed facility that has been providing services to the nuclear industry since the mid-80's. It is located in Wampum, Pennsylvania, (approximately 40 miles north of Pittsburgh), and sits on 26 acres of land.  The Alaron facility has over 150,000 square feet of indoor processing areas.

Service Overview
Radioactive Material Processing

While it is not a disposal facility, Veolia's Alaron Nuclear Services (Veolia) facility serves as a transfer station where radioactive materials can be processed for disposal at another location. Annually, Veolia processes over a million tons of radioactive material, including dry active waste, metals, soil, rubble and large components such as turbine rotors and large heat exchangers. Most of the radioactive material that Veolia processes  is transported to Envirocare of Utah by rail for burial.
Veolia's service capabilities are flexible enough that we may be able to work with you on other Special Projects or services that may not be listed here.
Please contact us with any special problems, questions, ideas, or unique needs that your organization may have, and we will work to assist you in every facet from project planning to project completion.

Radioactive Material and Equipment Handling

Veolia is a partner to several different companies that provide a service to the nuclear industry but do not have a NRC License. These companies bring their technical experts to Veolia's Alaron facility and work under its NRC Licenses.
USEPA ID: PAD987400157
NRC Licenses
Veolia's Alaron facility's current NRC Licenses allow for the processing, decontamination, storage, packaging and handling of Radioactive Material and Equipment.   It’s current radioactive materials licenses include: PA DEP License Number PA-0678 which authorizes possession, storage, repair, and decontamination of contaminated equipment, possession of ores and similar raw materials containing source material, possession of sealed sources, and possession of depleted uranium metal at our Wampum facility and at temporary job sites under Pennsylvania jurisdiction.
Quality Assurance
Veolia's Alaron Nuclear Services facility's Quality Assurance mission is to continually elevate its level of excellence in meeting each customer's unique service need. The facility's Quality Assurance vision is to exceed each customer's expectations to the extent each customer expresses this satisfaction to others.

This Quality Assurance Program meets the intent and is frequently evaluated independently to the requirements of 10CFR50, Appendix B, and NQA-1. Our Quality Program has also been evaluated favorably to the Department of Energy requirements of 10CFR830.120(a) and DOE4351 Order Regulatory Compliance.

Veolia's Alaron facility accepts 10CFR21 reporting requirements.

Service categories:

Regulated Waste & Resource Recovery

Site contact:

Scott Eckler

ph. 724.535.5777