North East, MD

95 North Leslie Road

North East, MD 21901

United States

About this location:

Veolia North America provides turn-key industrial cleaning and maintenance services from its location in North East, Maryland. Our service model ensures that we will provide your organization with localized support beginning from preliminary planning through service delivery and beyond, ensuring all site processes and environmental and regulatory compliance documentation has been completed, with minimal downtime. Our equipment and highly-trained personnel are among the best in the industry, ensuring your operation has access to all the resources required to meet your project needs. 

Services provided include: 
Chemical Cleaning
Chemical Degassing & Decontamination
CO2 Blasting
Coker Jet Pump Replacement
Cold Cutting
Hydroblasting & Ultra-High Pressure
Tank Cleaning
Vacuum Truck Services

Service categories:

Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

Site contact:

Larry Jansen

ph. 410.287.7200