KAPTA™, In-line Multi-parameter Water Sensors

KAPTA™ is the line of amperometric sensors by ENDETEC™ that feature miniaturized semi-conductor sensors.

New generation smart and miniaturized in-line multi-parameter water sensor probe for real-time continuous potable water monitoring.

The KAPTA™ 3000-AC4 probe has been specifically developed to enhance the management and control of the drinking water distribution network.

Using innovative, integrated technologies, the KAPTA™ 3000-AC4 monitors important water parameters:

  • Chlorine
  • Conductivity
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
KAPTA™ 3000-AC4 Product Technical Datasheet
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IN-LINE MULTI-PARAMETER WATER SENSOR Chlorine, Conductivity, Pressure, Temperature
The chlorine is measured using a three electrode amperometric sensor designed to monitor the active chlorine (HOCl). 

The pressure sensor uses a silicium piezoresistive cell and the conductivity is a measurement using four electrodes. These integrated sensors require no maintenance or recalibration and allow for the online monitoring of the drinking water distribution network systems.
The design of the KAPTA™ 3000-AC4 probe, its use and mode of communication have been designed to facilitate its implementation and application on site. 

This innovative, modern and reliable monitoring solution provides real-time control of the distributed water quality.

Real-time, in-line
monitoring of key
parameters in the
water distribution

Detection of any changes
in your water quality
commonly caused by
leaks, pipe corrosion and
biofouling effects

Disinfection process


  • Real-time water network monitoring
  • In-line water contaminant identification
  • Efficient control of water distribution


  • Measurement of the main disinfection species
  • No interference with chloramines
  • Chemical fee operation
  • Annual maintenance and calibration
  • Easy field installation with direct insertion in pipe, under pressure, using standard collar and valve
  • Battery operated
  • Real-time telemetry data transmission to a central server


David Dolphin
Vice President Sales- Digital Offers
Veolia North America