Integrated Solutions

Veolia is uniquely positioned to offer an integrated solution that addresses clients' energy, water and waste treatment needs.

Enhanced value from integration

Our deep and broad experience developing and implementing integrated central utility solutions ensures that our clients receive more value than if their energy, water and waste treatment needs were addressed separately. By drawing on an extensive breadth and depth of experience – including the water cycle, energy efficiency, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, recycling of solvents and more – Veolia is able to offer an integrated solution across water, waste and energy.

Improve performance

Reduce costs

Increased reliability

Enhanced capabilities

By partnering with Veolia, industry and public entities are achieving significant value:

Central Utilities

Faced with a combination of major environmental, regulatory, social, economic and operational challenges, industries, government and municipalities require creative solutions to optimize and streamline utilities.

Allows increased focus of customer resources on production

Transfers responsibility of upgrading infrastructure

Improves efficiency and reliability

Shifts responsibility to support utilities for multiple facilities/ stakeholders

Veolia is helping cities and federal agencies finance, construct, and sustainably manage the long-term operation of public assets, delivering the following benefits:

Public Private Partnerships

Municipalities and federal agencies are tasked with providing safe drinking water, treating wastewater and hazardous materials and providing efficient energy services to the public – utility services which are critical to a sustainable, productive and healthy society. Faced with fiscal constraints and a lack of internal resources, combined with rising public infrastructure needs and costs, governments are turning to the private sector for solutions.

Minimizes risk

Helps meet environmental standards

Improves the operation and cost efficiencies of our nation's infrastructure