An inside peek: Optimizing district energy operations


Presentation by Kevin Hagerty, Peter Glover and Jeremy Schein, “Driving to Optimum Efficiency” at IDEA 2015

In 2014 Veolia sought to remotely monitor and optimize district energy plants across the U.S. They were in search of a comprehensive Data Acquisition program that would provide real-time equipment and plant efficiencies as well as load-based target efficiencies.  A solution did not exist, so we turned to our own energy advisors, SourceOne, for a solution.

SourceOne experts assisted with the development of the Veolia Efficiency Optimization System™ (VEOS), an integrated plant efficiency monitoring system. VEOS is being developed to provide oversight of real-time actual and target efficiencies at 25 of Veolia’s district heating, chilled water, and co-generation facilities throughout the country.

Evaluations will determine the availability and accuracy of data necessary to calculate actual and target efficiencies on both the plant and equipment level, and the process optimizes the accuracy of efficiency calculations.

Once final, VEOS will leverage the data to improve plant operating conditions based upon an understanding of plant configurations, conditions and idiosyncrasies -- allowing better management of fuel consumption and electricity usage at Veolia’s district energy facilities throughout the U.S.

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Kevin Hagerty
Director of Engineering, Municipal & Commercial business, Veolia North America

Peter Glover
Energy Engineer, SourceOne


Jeremy Schein
Energy Engineer, SourceOne