Henderson Facility New Solvent Recycling Column

Henderson Facility no VPP

Veolia's Henderson, CO waste services facility has installed and is in the process of starting up a new distillation column to expand its solvent recycling capabilities.  The facility currently recycles solvent and provides a wide variety of services and solutions for customers with hazardous waste challenges. The expansion will allow us to meet the growing requests for solvent recovery in the Western and Southern United States.

This new column is designed to provide powerful separation capability.  It will allow us to recover a solvent from solvent mixtures where the solvents have close boiling point temperatures.  Therefore, we'll be able to recover additional solvents which are currently going to disposal, further contributing to the circular economy.

Veolia has ongoing Research and Development to perform extensive process development with the goal of recovering solvents from a variety of difficult waste mixtures.  Some the the current projects include recovery of solvents such as NMP, PGMEA, ethyl lactate, MEK, THF, heptane, BLO, cyclohexanone and thinners.

The Henderson facility receives solvents to recycle in all types of containers, including drums, totes, tankers and rail cars, and provides comprehensive hazardous waste services. Contact a sales representative or complete a request for information today!