EMsys Energy Management in Baltimore


Developed by engineering, finance and business process experts, EMsys is a web-based software that helps organizations optimize their energy use and forecast and plan based on precise consumption data. 


The EMsys energy management system offers Baltimore steam customers an opportunity to view their utility cost and consumption data, including historical energy usage, temperature, and humidity.  This secure, customizable, web-based platform captures key energy metrics and offers management tools, designed to help customers better manage their energy use.


Individual Access with Personalized Views
Customers will have the ability to log-in to EMsys and access their specific energy data.

Energy Invoice Display
Baltimore customers can view and review their invoices online, in addition to historical data, following the launch of the software.

Energy Tracking and Trending
For each energy account, interval data will be displayed interactive display screens. Meters can be grouped and compared against each other and time frames can be altered to view data over different periods including daily, hourly, or fifteen minute spans.

Weather Overlay of Energy Trend Information
For each energy account, the interval data will incorporate outside temperature and humidity data displays overlaid over energy consumption.  Additional local weather information such as heating and cooling degree data is also displayed.

Interested in a demo?  Contact Veolia Baltimore at 410.649.2200 or baltimore@veolia.com to learn more!


For any technical issues related to the EMSys software, email SourceOne support at support@s1inc.com.


General Account Inquiries:
For questions regarding an invoice, billing or general account questions, please contact Veolia Baltimore at 410.649.2200 or baltimore@veolia.com.  

Service Requests:
For service requests, please fill out this form, and an account manager will respond to your request within 24 hours.  In emergencies please contact us at 410.649.2200 during regular business hours and at 410.625.4555 after hours and on weekends.



Veolia’s district energy system in downtown Baltimore supplies thermal energy and chilled water to over 255 customers in the central business district and Harbor East.  “Green Steam,” steam generated by renewable energy, supplies nearly 50 percent of Veolia’s thermal energy network – a move that is reducing Baltimore’s carbon footprint by approximately 47,000 tons per year.  Learn more by downloading the brochure or visit the Baltimore District webpage.


To help our district energy customers benchmark their energy performance, we are offering an optional service to assist them in reporting steam consumption within ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. Learn more about this service and contact us at 410.649.2200 or baltimore@veolia.com for more information.


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