Wilsonville, Oregon

The challenge

Veolia North America provides design/build help, startup and long-term O&M services for regional surface water treatment plant.

The project challenges are:

  • In 2001 the City of Wilsonville and Tualatin Valley Water District awarded Veolia a contract to operate and maintain (O&M) their new 15-MGD surface water treatment plant which was under construction.

  • The plant was designed with ACTIFLO ®, a Veolia treatment technology. Under a separate agreement, Veolia provides management consulting services to the city, assisting it in improving a 3-MGD wastewater treatment plant.

The solution

Innovative solutions:

  • Prepare for startup by reviewing overall processes and equipment installation

  • Provide valuable operational perspective during design/build process

  • Provide trained staff on-site well before facility startup

  • Operate new water plant during hydraulic and performance tests

  • Conduct frequent tours and educational events to a variety of public and professional groups

  • Develop indicators and benchmarks that track key management elements and facility performance goals for the city's Environmental Services Division

  • Manage city's environmental discharge permit renewal

  • Provide strong process control leadership to facilitate a "culture change" at the wastewater plant

Benefits for our clients

“The City of Wilsonville works closely with Veolia, the operator of our Willamette River Water Treatment Plant, to ensure safe and healthy drinking water is supplied to our residents and businesses. The water customers of the City of Wilsonville are fortunate to have a high-quality source of drinking water that undergoes a multi-stage treatment process that ensures excellent water. ”
—Delora Kerber, Public Works Director, City of Wilsonville


  • Exceeded water quality objectives even before official plant startup

  • Successfully trained employees on project design and process operation

  • Generated exceptional quality drinking water through use of ACTIFLO ® system in tandem with other elements of the treatment process

  • Success of ACTIFLO ® process allowed city to lift a moratorium it had imposed on new development because of the city's inadequate water supply

  • Surpassed client's operational goals and objectives for producing outstanding water quality

  • 2002 recipient of the West Business Center OPEX Award for a Medium Project form Veolia

  • Received Veolia's regional and national OPEX award in 2003 and 2008 for operational excellence among mid-sized projects