Rockland County, N.Y.

Rockland County

New York State selected Veolia North America to design, build and operate a new 1.5-million gallons per day (MGD) wastewater treatment plant in Hillburn, NY. The facility, located less than 20 miles from New York City, services residents of Sloatsburg and western Ramapo. Veolia’s design-build affiliate, Veolia Water Technologies, delivered engineering and project management throughout the plant’s construction.


During the summer and other dry, drought-prone months, a public well field pulls all of the water out of the Ramapo River, leaving the river with little to no flow of its own. This prevents the Ramapo Valley’s sole-source aquifer from providing water to more than a million residents. Rockland County needs to improve the protection of its river basin while remaining within costs and providing quality service despite changes in climate during the year.
Rockland County WWTP


Using sequencing batch reactors (ICEAS®) and Pall® microfiltration, Veolia helped the county erect a technologically unique operation in northeastern U.S. It is the region’s first municipal wastewater plant treating effluent for drinking-water quality that far exceeds standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  


Upon completing and testing the new property, known as the Western Ramapo Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility, Veolia assumed its operations and maintenance. The plant is fully enclosed for complete odor control, and applies denitrification to a source of effluent that Rockland County can now use to preserve the Ramapo Valley’s aquifer. 
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Through this treated supply, the sole-source aquifer successfully delivers clean water to a million residents in Rockland County and 280,000 across New Jersey. Veolia was recently awarded a 10-year extension to this project, continuing a long and successful partnership for the benefit of the residents and businesses within the community.
Rockland County WWTP



  • 1.5 million gallons treated per day
  • 24/7 treatment operations
  • 1.28 million residents in the region