Radcliff, Kentucky

The challenge

The City of Radcliff turns to Veolia North America to streamline utilities and reduce administrative burdens.

The project challenges are:

  • The City of Radcliff retained Veolia on an operate/maintain/manage basis to provide comprehensive public works services.
  • These include managing its wastewater facilities (4-MGD extended aeration oxidation ditch plant, 62 pump stations and 120-mile collection system) septage receiving, sludge hauling and capital upgrades.

The solution

Innovative solutions:

  • Optimize treatment processes through analyses of feed rates

  • Practice diligent process control

  • Implement regular distribution system flushing

  • Conduct video inspection of collection system

  • Replace thousands of feet of sewer line

  • Assist city in securing low-interest funding for capital improvements

  • Respond promptly and creatively to series of disastrous weather events

Benefits for our clients


  • Restored drinking water compliance

  • Met stringent new disinfection byproduct regulations

  • ​Renegotiated city's contract with Ohio County's Balefill at $15,000 annual savings