Pittsburgh, Pa. - Peer Performance Solutions model

Pittsburgh Case Study

The Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority recently issued an inflammatory news release about our work at PWSA. Read our response to those allegations and learn the facts about these claims. Learn the truth about Veolia's work for the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority.


Interim executive management services to enhance delivery of efficient water and wastewater services to more than 300,000 people in the greater Pittsburgh area.


The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) hired Veolia Water in 2012 to help it improve the utility's customer service and performance levels through a range of programs designed to optimize operations. Included is the management of a 117-MGD surface water treatment plant, 25-MGD membrane treatment plant, wastewater conveyance to regional treatment authority, stormwater facilities and combine sewer system. 


  • Developing recommendations for improvement and supporting 270 PWSA employees in implementing initiatives aimed at reaching new performance metrics.
  • Conducting in-depth diagnostics of current operations to determine areas for improvement.
  • Collaborating with existing employees to help provide measurable results to customers.
  • Applying best practices developed through the management of more than 8,500 water and wastewater facilities around the world.


  • Completed first year of contract successfully.
  • Assembled team of water and wastewater experts from throughout the company.
  • Veolia's Peer Performance Solutions model enables utility to benchmark against other utilities while preserving public governance and a public work force than benefits from private-sector expertise.
  • Collaboratively working with PWSA to implement agreed-upon initiatives to improve service as measured by key performance indicators and items that will provide services more efficiently and enhance revenues.