Palm Springs, California

The challenge

Extensive capital improvements result during 10-year partnership between resort city and Veolia North America

The project challenges are:

  • A decade ago, the City of Palm Springs was seeking to form a public-private partnership with an operations/maintenance/management (O&M) service provider to ensure compliance of its municipal wastewater system with California's increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

  • Veolia joined forces with the city to ensure high-quality wastewater services continued to meet the needs of the world-famous resort community.

  • The company operates a 10.9-MGD trickling filter wastewater treatment plant, five pump stations, a 265-mile collection system and is responsible for capital improvements, septage receiving, catch basin cleaning, an industrial pretreatment program and land application of Class A and EQ biosolids.

The solution

Innovative solutions:

  • Design and build $3 million in plant improvements

  • Perform a comprehensive review of the plants bioenergy options for co-generating electrical and thermal energy from digester gas

  • Implement Underground Asset Management program to meet state mandate for a Sewer System Management Plan

  • Develop a fats, oils and grease (FOG) control program to monitor and control restaurant grease discharges

  • Conduct groundwater modeling study to determine the impact of nitrates on groundwater quality

Benefits for our clients


  • Deliver $1 million in O&M savings

  • Receive the 2009 Collection System of the Year Award from the California Water Environment Association, Colorado River Basin Section

  • Earn the 2005 Business of the Year Award from the Desert Business Association

  • ​Win the 2005 Outstanding Achievement Award from the U.S. Conference of Mayors