Naugatuck, Connecticut

The challenge

Long-term partnership between borough and Veolia North America provides a range of wastewater and asset management services for 30,000-population area.

The project challenges are:

  • In 2001, Veolia signed an interim operate/maintain/manage (O&M) contract with the Borough of Naugatuck, and a short while later a long-term, 20-year design/build/operate (DBO) contract to provide total asset management for regional merchant biosolids operations serving more than 30 communities in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts.

  • Veolia provides O&M services for a 10.3-MGD tertiary wastewater treatment plant, five pump stations, 114-mile collection system and a 84-dry-tons-per day merchant sludge facility. In addition, we provide oversight of a $19 million capital improvement program.

The solution

Innovative solutions:

  • Complete transition of the borough's operations and employees during first six months of contract

  • Provide total asset management services for wastewater treatment facility

  • Conduct emissions testing for the facilities' multi-hearth incinerators

  • Provide technical assistance and meet with regulatory agencies on the borough's behalf in the preparation of a new air emissions permit

  • Implementing a comprehensive underground asset management (UGAM) program to improve system performance and extend asset life expectancy. In locating underground assets and entering them in the city's GIS system, Veolia personnel identified an additional 23 miles of collection system lines.

  • Assembled historical CCTV videos of the underground system and loaded them into the appropriate manholes, providing instant access to an online history of the system

Benefits for our clients


  • Completed $19 million capital improvements program, enhancing throughput and increasing effluent water quality

  • Upgraded biological nutrient removal treatment units and installed 84-dry-tons-per-day fluidized bed incinerator and biosolids dewatering equipment

  • Completed improvements to the septage receiving area, chemical addition systems, upgraded odor control scrubbing systems, odor counteractant spray and ventilation systems, greatly reducing odors

  • Improved ability to burn more sludge while still remaining well within permit limits because of performance modifications

  • Maintained ability to provide wastewater services to borough residents at no charge (from 2001 through 2006) due to revenues generated from the merchant sludge facility