Lynn, Massachusetts

The challenge

Since 1987, a partnership between Veolia North America and the City of Lynn has focused on delivering operations, maintenance and management (O&M) services and capital improvements for the Raymond F. Reardon Memorial Water Treatment Plant, at minimum cost. This has resulted in a reliable, high-quality and cost-effective water supply. Moreover, Veolia maintains the quality of life in the community through the ongoing O&M of its wastewater plant, which serves the needs of Lynn and the neighboring communities of Saugus, Nahant and Swampscott. 

The project challenges are:

  • Under the contract, Veolia provides O&M services and capital improvement assistance to the City of Lynn's 15.3 MGD Raymond F. Reardon Memorial Water Treatment Plant, 20-million gallon low-service reservoir, 23.5 MGD raw water pump station and three water storage towers, serving 90,000 water customers.

  • In addition, Veolia, in partnership with the Lynn Water & Sewer Commission, provides an asset management program, on-site landfill management, industrial pretreatment program, capital improvements and construction management for the community's wastewater facility.

  • This includes a 25.8 MGD pure oxygen activated sludge wastewater treatment plant, 12 pump stations, septage receiving, industrial leachate, fluidized bed incinerator and on-site landfill for incinerator ash disposal, serving 133,200 wastewater customers.

The solution

Innovative solutions:

  • Assisted the City of Lynn in implementing capital and process-control improvements. These included modifying an existing system and adding a pump to switch from powdered lime to liquid caustic soda; constructing a sodium aluminate chemical feed system; and adding equipment to provide for continuous monitoring.

  • Implemented operations improvements, including longer filter runs, improved backwash cycles, timing and duration of sludge discharge, and installing new chlorine vacuum regulators.

  • Maintained an aggressive employee training and operator certification program that has resulted in 56 employees receiving or upgrading their wastewater certifications since 1985.

  • Sponsored and participated in Earth Day events and other community-focused activities.

  • Veolia strives to manage wastewater assets at the most cost-effective level. This includes implementing more than $200 million in capital and process control improvements over the years.

  • Improvements include everything from a new 24 dry-ton-per-day (DTPD) fluidized bed incinerator for sludge disposal, two new 21-inch high-speed sludge dewatering centrifuges and a new sludge conditioning system to odor-control system upgrades, a new city-wide wireless SCADA system and an upgraded web-based computerized maintenance management system.

  • To protect the city's investment in the wastewater facilities, Veolia has worked diligently to complete repair and maintenance activities covered under the O&M contract scope.

Benefits for our clients


  • Partnership between the city and Veolia has allowed the City of Lynn to provide superior water at affordable rates.

  • Over the last 26 years, delivered high-quality drinking water while managing and mitigating environmental risks.

  • Put strong emphasis on employee health and safety, marking nearly 20 years without a lost-time incident as a result of a comprehensive safety and security program.

  • Conducts more than 40,000 laboratory tests each year in order to ensure compliance.

  • Since 1992, generated more than 70 billion gallons of drinking water without any regulatory violations for exceeding maximum concentration levels.

  • Wastewater plant performance has been exceptional under Veolia's management, with a 99.9 percent preventable compliance rate - results well below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's NPDES permit limits.

  • Water system recognized with numerous awards, including Best in the State for Large Plant Water Quality (State of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and Massachusetts Water Work Association), top scores in Medium and Large Community System Category of the Public Water System Awards Program (Massachusetts DEP), Outstanding Efforts in Providing Community Water Fluoridation (Massachusetts Dental Society).

  • At the wastewater plant, Veolia's record of compliance has been recognized with the 2007 Water Environment Federation George W. Burke Safety Award and the 2011 and 2009 Massachusetts Water Pollution Control Association awards for best large-size treatment facility in Massachusetts.