Fort St. James, British Columbia

About the facility

Veolia is constructing two new, similar biomass facilities in British Columbia – one in Merritt and the other in Fort St. James. Both are among the largest such facilities in North America. The company announced the project to design, finance, build, operate and maintain the Fort St. James site in central British Columbia in 2013.
When completed, the Fort St. James facility will consume 307,000 metric tons of biomass a year, converting sawmill and logging waste from the British Columbia forestry industry, and trees killed by the mountain pine beetle epidemic into electricity.
The plant will generate electricity to be sold to BC Hydro & Power Authority – the 40 MW electrical production capacity is enough to power almost 40,000 Canadian households

Environmental and community benefits

Once operational, the plant will help avoid the annual discharge of 95,000 metric tons of CO2 – the equivalent of keeping more than 45,000 cars off the road. In addition, construction of the biomass facility will create approximately 250 jobs; 80 new direct and indirect jobs will be created during the 30-year operation period.