Elwha Water Facilities, Wash.

Elwha River

Veolia North America provides O&M support to meet water-quality objectives for $65 million water treatment facilities along the Elwha River.


After building its 53-MGD surface water treatment plant, the National Park Service found it lacked the resources and expertise to operate the facility in a way that would improve water quality and fish habitat while two upstream dams were decommissioned. As part of its O&M contract with the Park Service, Veolia developed a plan that addressed future dam removal milestones associated with the Elwha River Restoration Program, which includes the largest dam removal project in U.S. history. The new water treatment plant is designed to mitigate negative water quality impacts from the removal of the two dams.


  • Coordinate with all of the project stakeholders: City of Port Angeles, the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, State of Washington and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Operate and manage multiple facilities along the Elwha River, such as the Elwha Surface Water Intake (ESWI), fish screen, diversion pump station, distribution vault structure, river intake, retaining wall and support systems (electrical power, water, drainage and SCADA).
  • Ensure that treatment plant treats non-potable water from the ESWI for use in industrial and fisheries applications by removing suspended sediments.
  • Maintain the Lower Crown Z Road, which provides flood protection for the roadway and vehicle access to the levees.


  • Addressed future water quality needs in addition to dam removal issues.
  • Treatment is expected to extend three to five years and provide water treatment capacity to satisfy daily demands of paper mill, fish hatchery, fish-rearing facility and north overflow vault and bypass channel.
  • ​Working to repopulate the endangered Chinook salmon by meeting water quality requirements.