Dayton, Ohio

The challenge

Partnership launched in 1985 for O&M of regional wastewater facilities remains as strong as ever with numerous awards and honors to its credit.

The project challenges are:

  • Veolia North America was chosen in 1985 to provide startup, training and full-service operations/maintenance/management (O&M) services based on the company's ability to provide the MCD with an effective preventive maintenance program.

  • The partnership has grown over the years, with Veolia assuming new responsibilities and winning numerous honors.

  • We manage an 11.2-MGD advanced trickling filter treatment plant, lift station, five metering stations, an industrial pretreatment program, collection system inspection and land application program for 825 dry-tons-per-year of Class B biosolids.

The solution

Innovative solutions:

  • Provide energy recovery system and quality operations program that meets the majority of operational power needs.

  • Develop and implement sludge disposal monitoring program based on groundwater sampling and testing.

  • Work to install wiring, hub and server to network the facility's computers.

  • Repair flow signal a minimal cost when chlorine building struck by lightning several times.

  • Engineer digester roller design approved by TCA (Tri-Cities North Regional Wastewater Authority) engineering firm at a savings of $100,000 over estimates for replacement.

Benefits for our clients


  • Achieved operational and cost efficiencies in all aspects of wastewater plant operations.

  • Realized $64,484 in first-year energy cost savings by switching from supplementing power with natural gas to using electricity produced by DP&L.

  • Achieved $158,000 cost savings annually using co-generation technology for total savings of more than $3 million over the past 20 years.

  • Received National Clean Water Act Recognition award from EPA in 2007.

  • Earned Dayton/Miami Valley Safety Council/Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation "100% Award" and "Group Safety Award."

  • Won Ohio Water Environmental Association Safety Program Certificate.

  • Received Ohio Division of Safety and Hygiene "100% Award" numerous times.

  • Garnered George W. Burke Safety Award from Ohio Water Pollution Control Association.