Cogenerated Green Steam in Philadelphia


Cogenerated Green Steam in Philadelphia

The scope

To achieve greater sustainability and efficiencies, Veolia recently completed the $60 million “Green Steam” project in 2012, which includes the expansion of the regional natural gas pipeline and the installation of two new and efficient rapid response boilers at Schuylkill Station. Schuylkill Station is a 163-megawatt cogeneration facility with a combustion turbine and an extraction/condensing steam turbine. 

By producing steam and electricity simultaneously, Veolia avoids the emission of approximately 430,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually - the equivalent of removing 70,000 automobiles from the streets each year.



  • Prestigious office buildings
  • State and County government facilities
  • Private apartment buildings
  • Arts and culture centers

Production capacity


  • 291,100 pounds per hour of steam
  • 27,700 tons of chilled water capacity
  • 1 megawatt of cogeneration capacity
  • Distribution networks of 3.3 miles of steam and hot water pipes, and 3 miles of chilled water pipes