Bartlesville, Oklahoma


Bartlesville, Oklahoma

The challenge

O&M of wastewater treatment facility demonstrates operational excellence.

The project challenges are:

  • Regulatory pressure to achieve discharge limitations motivated Bartlesville to seek outside expertise for the operation, maintenance and management of its wastewater treatment facility, which serves a population of 35,000. 
  • Veolia North America’s contract comprises O&M of the city's 7-MGD activated sludge plant and 18 pump stations, administration of its industrial pretreatment program, beneficial programs for effluent reuse and land application of biosolids.

Veolia’s solution

Innovative solutions:

  • Offer savings, guarantee meeting design criteria and provide guidance for scheduled plant modifications.
  • Remove excess sludge and repair anaerobic digesters.
  • Install proprietary computer-assisted management of environmental operations program for process control, maintenance and industrial waste management.
  • Replace coarse bubble diffusers with fine bubble diffusers to enhance oxygen transfer efficiency.
  • Replace aging gravity belt filter press building with state-of-the-art equipment to improve dewatering efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Install Auger Monster ® grinder units at three major pump stations.
  • Demolish and rebuild three pump stations and initiate substantial improvements at five pump stations.

Benefits to our client


  • Veolia awarded new 10-year contract in 2000 based on outstanding performance.
  • Operated since 1995 without a lost-time accident.
  • Received 1990 Environmental Excellence - Pretreatment Programs Award from USEPA Region VI; 1994 Regional Administrator's Environmental Excellence State Award; 1994 Operator-of-the-year Award; and 1996 Plant-of-the-Year Award from Oklahoma Water Pollution Control Association.