Arvin, California

The challenge

Design/build/operate (DBO) project delivers results for California municipal wastewater treatment plant, upgrades and facility expansion.

The project challenges are:

  • Veolia North America provides total asset management for Arvin's 2-MGD Envirex oxidation ditch activated sludge wastewater treatment plant, which serves a population of 15,000.

  • The contract includes the 27-mile collection system and lift station.

  • Before contracting with Veolia, the City of Arvin struggled to provide adequate services in light of unprecedented growth, which made plant expansion urgent.

  • By selecting Veolia, the city obtained an experienced and expert treatment plant operator in just eight weeks.

  • Moreover, Veolia's Capital Program Management group took on an effort to expand treatment plant capacity to 2.5 MGD.

The solution

Innovative solutions:

  • Design plant to easily accommodate future expansion.

  • Contract with commercial compost facility that treats biosolids to EPA Class A standards.

  • Work with city to take advantage of new state privatization statute, which spared a lengthy procurement and bidding process.

  • Implement a comprehensive Sewer System Management Plan to improve the collection system.

Benefits for our clients


  • Up-front savings of $1.7 million to help Arvin retire outstanding debt.

  • Facility completed on time.

  • Recission of regulatory agency-imposed sewer moratorium.