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The combined strengths of Suez and Veolia will turn the tide for Ecological Transformation

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UPDATE: March 21, 2022 -- Veolia completes the combination with Suez & strengthens its position in North America to transform the delivery of environmental services.

The historic combination of Veolia and SUEZ will have far-reaching benefits across the North American zone and in all of our business units including hazardous waste management, energy and regeneration services. While combining our water services will initially be seen as the biggest growth area resulting from the merger, it will take ALL of our services to turn the tide of ecological transformation.

The commitment that we share to provide the safest and best solutions to our customers remains our focus. Our multifaceted performance — combining the strengths of SUEZ — is what will matter in the long run to provide the clean water, clean energy, clean industries and clean air our planet needs. As our Purpose states "in this way, Veolia prepares for the future, protecting the environment and responding to humanity's vital needs."

Merger benefits for all of Veolia North America:

Diversity and inclusion, jobs, mobility, and career advancement opportunities



Expanded customer base

It's Official

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The future of our societies depends on our ability to reconcile human activity with a balanced environment, which is undoubtedly the biggest challenge that we have had to face. In order to take on that challenge, we must make a profound change to our societal models. In order to do that, we need major champions on the scale of large metropolises and big industries that are looking for large-scale solutions.

Antoine Frérot,
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

The ecological transformation is a green transformation, an inclusive transformation. At Veolia, our job is clearly to help our customers and stakeholders realize the potential for everything the ecological transformation can become. It will be absolutely necessary in the years ahead for all of us to contribute to the common good. Above all, it is a systemic transformation in which every person, every organization, every government has to bring its own piece of the puzzle to solve the challenges before us. It is a time for change.

Frédéric Van Heems,
Chief Executive Officer of Veolia North America

A Merger
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The merger of SUEZ and Veolia will have a beneficial environmental impact. It will also create additional balanced value for all the stakeholders of the two companies, consistent with Veolia’s multifaceted performance commitments.

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