Today's Advanced Ash Pond Solutions


Coal fired power plants across the U.S. are under pressure to affordably and safely use ash ponds to dispose of their wet coal ash by-product. Yet, these facilities are under tightening regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency and other state and local regulatory bodies. With many storage ponds across the country at 80% capacity or greater, and 143 million tons of new coal combustion waste being generated each year, the industry needs an alternative solution now. DryAsh™™ Powered by Veolia is the answer.

WHAT IS DryAsh™?

DryAsh™ is an engineered system of tanks, piping, pumps, hydraulic excavation, separations and squeeze membrane technologies, material handling equipment and conveyors… all housed and installed at your plant, expertly managed, operated and maintained by Veolia. This proprietary technology offers affordable long-term disposal of both wet and dry fly ash. Our non-stop process removes wet ash from your lagoon, or receives wet fly ash at your waste outfall. The material is converted into DryAsh™ and transported to on-site or off-site landfills, or for beneficial reuse.
Veolia’s DryAsh™ technology:
  • Is used by “wet facilities” to temporarily capture and convert wet fly ash into DryAsh™, while simultaneously emptying one or more lagoons
  • Allows lagoons to be kept in service all the while capacity is being recovered; once long-term lagoon capacity is restored, DryAsh™ is removed
  • Is alternatively used by “dry facilities” to close out lagoons, convert the facility from a wet fly ash to dry fly ash, and increase disposal storage capacity by 2-3 times


Without any plant or unit shutdowns, this turnkey solution can be designed, built and installed within approximately six months of contract approval. Best of all, DryAsh™ provides many cost benefits, whether you’ll continue to maintain a pond or convert to dry material:
  • A 50% cost savings over retrofitting boilers with mechanical ash handling systems that require major CAPEX, increased equipment maintenance, outages and shut downs
  • Unlimited ash disposal capacities, extending lagoon life and capacities at plants determined to keep their ponds
  • Elimination of CAPEX and maintenance costs at plants determined to "convert wet to dry," reducing risks and liabilities with beneficial reuse opportunities and less regulatory compliance issues


DryAsh™ is today’s solution for managing, limiting or even eliminating fly ash waste ponds, offering significant cost savings, maximum operational flexibility and no service interruptions. The DryAsh™ solution is always customized to fit your plant’s specific approach to fly ash disposal. DryAsh™ technologies are designed to fulfill different needs and objectives. 

You can learn more about all of these custom DryAsh™ services by clicking here.