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The Goal Zero Commitment from Veolia - for You!


Veolia’s safety culture is rooted in the philosophy that we are all obligated to protect one another. That’s why we emphasize training and empower our employees at every level to stop work on a job if they believe someone’s safety is being compromised at any time. It’s also why we continuously invest in the development of automated technologies. When we’re able to utilize these technologies for our customers, we’re proudly extending our rich safety culture into your organization and demonstrating how we live our commitment to Goal Zero.


The Goal Zero commitment is our pledge to strive for zero accidents and injuries, and is a foundational element of Veolia’s safety culture. Every member of the Veolia team, from senior management to field staff, takes the Goal Zero pledge to safely and responsibly serve you. We understand that when our team members remain safe and out of harm’s way, so do your employees and your facilities. Veolia fulfills its Goal Zero commitment by instilling safety awareness and compliance at every level of the organization.


The people who work for Veolia are the most important asset we have. With an across-the-board emphasis on safety instruction and training, our team members are totally focused on safe operations. We are all accountable to one another, and that commitment helps keep our team safe, and in turn, your team safe.


Veolia leads the industrial services industry when it comes to innovating safe and efficient technologies to automate cleaning and maintenance work that historically was manually performed. We’ve focused on automated technology development because it is a proven way to create a safer work environment for our people and our customers. Combined with strict inspection and maintenance protocols, automated technologies keep our team and your staff members out of harm’s way during jobs, and bring us closer to fulfilling our Goal Zero commitment.