Cost-Effective Sustainability

Cost-Effective Sustainability
In 2005, the Gresham City Council chose Veolia North America as its private partner to help implement a best-in-class operation for the City's wastewater program, a partnership that would draw on Veolia's technical expertise help the city move toward its sustainable goals. 

In the years since the partnership, more than half of the wastewater plant's energy comes from naturally-occurring biosolids from wastewater treatment and fats, oils and grease. The facility is also home to the Pacific Northwest's largest solar array.
 The other half of energy independence is reducing energy use. Veolia has worked closely with the city to reduce the facility's average energy use and is using an asset management program to increase the life of the city's assets and further reduce energy usage.

With the help of Veolia, the City of Gresham's sustainable efforts have garnered national recognition from various organizations and environmental agencies throughout the country, moving closer to the city's vision.


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