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Veolia's Trigen-St. Louis district energy network produces and distributes efficient, cogenerated "green steam" to nearly 70 customers in downtown St. Louis. The central plant also produces and sells electricity on the Midewst Independent System Operator (MISO) market.

In 1904, a 36-MW coal-fired plant was built at Ashley Street to produce steam heat for downtown St. Louis. This plant also served as the main source of electricity for downtown St. Louis for years. It was converted to oil-fired in 1972 and then converted to natural gas-fired in 1996.

With the onset of electric deregulation, a 15-MW CHP plant was installed, which utilizes clean-burning natural gas to produce cogenerated "green steam."

Environmental Impact of "Green Steam" on St. Louis
- Carbon emissions reduced by nearly 65,000 tons annually
- Sulfur dioxide emissions reduced by nearly 2,000 tons annually
- Nitrogen oxide emissions reduced by about 300 tons annually

- Jefferson Expansion Memorial Arch
- Federal and City government facilities
- World-class professional sports facilities
- Prestigious office buildings
- Hotels
- Athletic club
- Major retailers

Production Capacity
-466,000 pounds per hour of steam.
-15 megawatts of cogeneration capacity.
-Distribution network of 17 miles of steam pipes.

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