Honolulu, Hawaii



Operation and maintenance (O&M) service provider since 2000 for largest reclamation plant of its type in the Hawaiian Islands, employing state-of-the-art technology to treat secondary effluent previously discharged into the Pacific Ocean.


In 1998, the City and County of Honolulu and Veolia North America entered into a $140 million, 20-year agreement for Veolia to design/build/operate (DBO) and own and transfer the Honolulu Water Reclamation Facility. In 2000, the Honolulu Board of Water Supply purchased the facility from Veolia, which continues as the O&M service provider. The plant treats 13 MGD of secondary effluent from the City and County's Honouliuli facility to produce some 12 MGD of reclaimed water for beneficial reuse. The process generates two types of water: high-purity reverse osmosis water which is sold to industrial users and R1 water used for irrigation. The project also includes a collection system and reclaimed water distribution system.


  • Constructed microfiltration/RO building, R1 product delivery pump station, reuse influent pump station, hydroclear seven-bay sand filtration, UV channel, R1 transfer pump station, three reservoir tanks, operations building and laboratory, yard and distribution piping.
  • Veolia led the design/build development of the facility.
  • Industrial processes use 2 MGD of RO water, which frees 3.6 MGD of valuable potable water for potential residential and domestic uses.
  • Backwash water is returned to the Honolulu Wastewater Treatment Plant influent and a new 15-mile network distributes the reclaimed product to users.


  • Projected $35 million in cost savings over the contract term.
  • Veolia assumes full risks and responsibility for the project.
  • Eliminates the need for the community to spend millions of dollars to build treatment facilities necessary to meet a federal consent decree.
  • Enables the community preserve its limited potable water resources through stringent treatment and reuse of wastewater - a win-win for rate payers, the city, the environment and a number of businesses that will have a guaranteed supply of quality water.
  • Recognized by the WateReuse Association through its 2003 award for Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Water Use.
  • ​Recipient of the Regional Operational Excellence Award for Large Municipal Project (2011) from Veolia.