Oklahoma City, Okla.

Oklahoma City

Through a highly successful 25-year public-private partnership, Veolia North America developed, implemented and manages one of the country's most successful biosolids land application programs. Strong teamwork has garnered numerous awards and generated millions of dollars of savings.


Since 1984 Veolia has provided operations/maintenance/management (O&M) services to Oklahoma City in what has become a benchmark for cost-effective operations. The company has responsibility for an 80-MGD tertiary activated sludge wastewater treatment plant, 6-MGD sequencing batch reactor plant, 5-MGD tertiary activated sludge plant, 75-MGD Witcher Pump Station, capital improvements, industrial pretreatment program, septage receiving, dewatering and land application of 25,000 dry-tons-per year of biosolids and effluent reuse.


  • Assist city with design and construction and represent it during the permitting process.
  • Invest more than $1 million of own money in city's facility to improve plant performance.
  • Develop and implement three different effluent reuse programs that conserve over one billion gallons of drinking water annually.
  • Supply non-potable water to area power companies for use in cooling towers.
  • Design and install an effluent distribution system that delivers water to a prestigious resort development for use in golf course and green area irrigation.
  • Implement an innovative post-dewatered lime process to reduce polymer conditioning aides in the wastewater treatment process.
  • Monitor discharges of more than 100 significant industrial users as well as more than 100 other contributors to the municipal sewer system.
  • ​Construct the project's SCADA system using a Visual Basic program and OPC driver.


  • Accumulated savings expected to approach $152 million by end of current contract.
  • Reduced disposal costs through biosolids program, which produces an annual combined total of 25,000 dry tons of Class B biosolids, of which is beneficially applied to more than 15,000 permitted acres of farmland.
  • Reduced costs by more than $850,000 and virtually eliminated odors due to modifications to city's odor control program.
  • Received Governor's Award for outstanding performance record of Veolia health and safety program.
  • Named Wastewater Plant-of-the-Year; won Harrison Hall Award for Most Improved Wastewater Plant; and won Maintenance Supervisor of the Year Award.
  • ​Achieved special recognition for Quality Assurance, Analytical Products Groups.